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Welcome to:
The Elf Project for A Child's Christmas
Bringing Christmas home for children and families
The Elf Project
c/o Sandra McEntire
PO Box 151
Lenoir City, TN 37771
About Us:
The Elf Project for A Child's Christmas is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping parents provide a family Christmas experience for their children. Our Elf volunteers donate their time and/
or financial resources to go Christmas shopping with a parent who needs help providing presents for his or her children.

With donated funds, the Elf volunteer provides the money and the parent gets to enjoy choosing the presents: clothes, toys, maybe a basketball or a doll. On Christmas morning, kids open gifts chosen by
their parents – providing an experience where children and family are the center of Christmas.

Founded by Director Sandra McEntire in 2003, The Elf Project for a Child’s Christmas has grown slowly but steadily, often simply by word of mouth. We assist families in the greater Knoxville area; in 2013, we
helped provide a family Christmas for 294 children.
How is The Elf Project different from other charities?
You see that your money is going directly to children and families in need.
You get to know the individuals you and your money will help.
You participate personally in the charitable effort to help others.
You help a family have a real Christmas evening or morning.
You keep the true meaning of Christmas alive by your generosity.
You give yourself a gift by helping create a family Christmas experience for others.

Partners and supporters for 2014:
St. John XXIII Catholic University Parish
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See our Comments page for first-hand accounts of shopping.

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